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Безплатна експресна доставка до адрес за всички поръчки над 30 лв.!


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AquaEL Basalt Gravel 2-4 mm 2kg / 10kg

AquaEL Basalt Gravel 2-4 mm is substrate made of natural materials absolutely safe for the fish. This gravel is ideal for aquariums inhabited by ..


AquaEL Dolomite Gravel 2-4mm 2kg / 10kg

AquaEL Dolomite Gravel 2-4 mm is substrate made for aquariums inhabited by fish that prefer hard alkaline water. Before use, rinse the substrate in..


AquaEL Natural Multi-Colored Gravel  1.4-2mm 2kg / 10kg

AquaEL Natural Multi-Colored Gravel  1.4-2 mm is substrate made of natural materials absolutely safe for the fish. This gravel will give the..


Bottom modeling tool Fluval 32cm

Fluval's all-new PLANT series offers all the tools you need to maintain a thriving underwater garden. This product makes detailing and leveling al..


Fluval Straight Tweezers 27cm

Fluval aquatic Straight Forceps make quick work of planting small and thin plants. Rubber coated tips allow for a firm grip. Long lasting stainless st..


Fluval S Curved Scissors 25cm

Fluval aquatic ” S” Curved Scissors are specifically designed to simplify the pruning of smaller foreground plants. Ergonomic, lon..

Aquili Scissors 27 cm straight -20%

Aquili Scissors 27 cm straight

This is a straight plant shears 27 cm from the manufacturer Aquili. It is suitable for all types of plant aquariums...

24.50лв. 19.60лв.

Fluval Scissors 15 cm

Fluval aquatic Spring Scissors are ideal for pruning in small aquariums and tight spaces. Spring loaded design for comfortable and quick trimm..

Dennerle Plant tweezers XL -20%

Dennerle Plant tweezers XL

Length: 45 cm Stainless steel Particularly robust design An ideal aid to help you create magnificent aquascapes featuring plants. The plant t..

29.00лв. 23.20лв.

AquaEL Straight Scissors 25cm

The AquaEL Straight Scissors 25cm are a proffessional tool for aquascaping. They are sharp and made of stainless steel. Their design allows easly to m..


Aquavitro double curved shears 25cm

Aquavitro® premium surgical stainless steel double curved shears are designed for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums. These are ideal for..



AquaEL ADVANCES SOIL SHRIMP is an aquarium substrate that stabilise water parameters(pH and carbonate hardness) and maintain their levels to be optima..