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Garden pond - setup

Posted by ganbox 13/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

Spring is the perfect time to build a garden pond. Rising temperatures favor the development of fish and plants. It is desirable that the pond should have a volume of at least 5m3 and a depth of at least 80cm to protect the water from overheating during the summer and from total freezing during the winter.


The ideal place for the pond should have sunshine for a few hours a day and be away from trees and shrubs. The fallen leaves can seriously pollute the water.


For beginners in the field, we recommend the use of PVC and fiberglass ponds. If you are looking for a little challenge, you can build your own pond using polyethylene coating. At an early stage, it is a good idea to provide a plant board as well as a place for the filter part. Filters for garden ponds can be found here.


As an additional attraction to the pond you can build various waterfalls and cascades. Use only round stones to avoid tearing the bottom. The bottom of the pond should not have a fine gravel. Otherwise, cleaning may be impossible. For ease of maintanence you can obtain a pond syphon.


The choice of fish for the pond is good to be done at an early stage. Fish ponds with more vegetation are suitable for goldfish and comets. In ponds with little or no vegetation, you can place koi fish. In both versions, the filtration must be perfect.


The final stage is filling it with water and starting the biological filter. We recommend the use of EHEIM POND KICK in combination with EHEIM POND BASE. To provide better conditions, you can also add an aeration system. It can be a waterfall or an air curtain.

Finally, but not least, make sure you only use quality food for your fishes.



Our team wishes you pleasant moments by the garden pond!

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