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Aquili CO2 Reducer with two manometers
The pressure reducer performs three functions: the central button opens the throttle and regulates the outlet pressure, and the fine-tuning knob adjusts the flow rate, providing the right amount of CO2 for each aquarium. The pressure gauge allows pressure control inside the cylinder. Precise, self-regulating gearbox ensures precise and constant gas supply. The central knob guarantees the direction of the gas pressure and the opening and closing of the system, without changing the already set precise settings. Plants do not perform photosynthesis at night and do not consume CO2. If you continue to inject carbon dioxide, it will make it easier for fish and plants to breathe. This item is safe and has an internal safety valve - in case of unusual pressure increase. The hose is connected with clamps - the construction of the fitting prevents gas leakage. Practicality; standardized dimensions for the hose and for attachment to the cylinder. Brass body with nickel-plated outer part - protects the product over time.

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Aquili CO2 Reducer with two manometers

  • Producător: Aquili
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  • 169.00 лв.
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