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Out Of Stock Aquili TDS / EC meter
The 3 in 1 TDS electronic device is an electronic tester for measuring the biological load in the water. It gives a very accurate indication of the purity of the medium (the lower the TDS value, the cleaner it is). In addition, it measures the temperature of water, air, water hardness, and its conductivity. Main features of the product:
- four - digit precision digital display with temperature compensation to the nearest 0,1
- the backlight is green for TDS values ​​≤ 40 and red for TDS values> 40.
- automatic locking: the TDS value stabilizes in four seconds and the automatic reading lock is activated
- One-touch function - the system switches off after 2 minutes if you forget to do so
Technical specifications:
- EC test range: 0 - 9999 μS
- TDS test range: 0-4999ppm
- accuracy: ± 2% FS
- battery: CR2032 (button cell)
- dimensions: 16.19 x 2.94 x 1.59 cm.
How to use:
- remove the protective cap and press the on / off button
- Immerse the tool in water / solution no more than 4 cm (important!)
- Wait until the display stabilizes. The TDS meter automatically compensates for temperature variations (30-45 seconds), the TDS value freezes in about 4 seconds
- after use, shake off the water and clean with a towel, paying special attention to the platinum electrode
- The measurement has a hold function, which is activated by pressing the Hold button. At a new pressure, the measurement is released and it is possible to continue with a new test.
Package contents:
- 1 x TDS EC meter
- 1 x leather case
- 1 x user manual in English
- 1 x CR2032 battery
Important warnings:
- keep the electrode clean
- Do not completely immerse the TDS pen in water
- Always close the protective cap of the electrode
- It is recommended to remove the batteries during long periods of non-use
TDS Meter is an electronic tool and in order to last a long time it must be treated carefully and maintained properly.

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Aquili TDS / EC meter

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