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Breeding Box Fluval Hang-on breeding box L

The Fluval Hang-On Breeding Box is a functional outdoor breeding box that can be attached easily to the walls of most aquariums with glass thickness up to 2.5cm.

Basic functions :
-ideal as a hatchery and incubator to protect newborn pups.
-provides a safe haven for injured or weak fish
-helps to acclimatize the new fish as there is water circulation
-hooks to the outside of the aquarium for easy observation of the fish and convenient maintenance
-space-saving design - measures 26x14x12cm, holds 1.9 l of water
-requires air pump minimum 60l/hour
-the brooder uses the same water as the aquarium - no additional heater or filter is needed.
   For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

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Breeding Box Fluval Hang-on breeding box L

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