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Calcium Reactor BM CR120-1
The calcium reactor creates a balance of alkalinity in marine and reef aquariums. It dissolves the calcium-laden medium to provide bicarbonates HCO3− (alkalinity) and calcium (Ca ++) ions at the same rate as consumed during calcification. Effective dissolution requires acidic pH. Salt water can have a pH of 7.8 or higher, so carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to lower the pH.
In the reaction chamber, the calcium-rich medium (aragonite) is forced to come into contact with water injected with carbon dioxide (CO2) to form carbonic acid (H2CO3). This increases the solubility of calcium carbonate. The reaction releases calcium and carbonate, supplying the aquarium with water rich in Ca2 + and CO32-, important for maintaining alkalinity and calcium levels.
The bubble counter measures carbon dioxide. The flow rate of this gas is monitored so that the dissolved gas enters the solution. The needle or solenoid valve regulates the velocity of the CO2 bubbles.
The feed pump controls the water exchange. This is important because the high speed of water flow in the reactor reduces its efficiency, which leads to poor production and loss of CO2.

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Calcium Reactor BM CR120-1

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