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Dennerle Calanus FD Organic

Plankton food for all ornamental fish. The 2 - 3 mm Calanus zooplankton feed on single-cell microalgae that serve as "vitamin factories" in our planet’s oceans, making them rich in nutrients and full of essential amino acids, proteins and unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

Calanus is the nutrient base for the gigantic schools of herring found in the North Atlantic, and is the most important link in the food chain there. Naturally occurring carotenoids, in particular astaxanthin, help produce vibrant colours.

Fish love the taste of Calanus, and even tricky fish caught in the wild can become accustomed to dry food using this natural food. Calanus FD organic is a suitable supplementary food for all types of aquarium fish.

Calanus FD is produced by freeze-drying, which preserves nutrients and aromas, and therefore has many advantages over commercially available frozen food.

- High proportion of natural colour-boosting ingredients

- Encourages spawning and reproduction

- Also suitable for larger fish (size 2-3 mm)

- Can be used as an excellent breeding food

-100% zooplankton from the Arctic Ocean (Calanus finmarchicus)

- High omega-3 and carotinoid content

- No preservatives.

Dennerle Calanus FD means feeding based on nature's example. In the wild many aquarium fish eat mostly zooplankton in the form of small crustaceans. The buoyant FD food is made of 100% Arctic zooplankton, Calanus finmarchicus. With their high nutrient content, these crustaceans enrich the diet of all ornamental fish.


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Dennerle Calanus FD Organic

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