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Безплатна експресна доставка до адрес за всички поръчки над 49 лв.!


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Dennerle Guppy Booster 100ml -15%

Dennerle Guppy Booster 100ml

This food was developed especially for the popular guppies, platies and mollies, in line with their natural diet. The high proportion of natural, c..

13.60 лв. 11.56 лв.
Dennerle Aquatics ­ water test 6 in 1 50 pcs -15%

Dennerle Aquatics ­ water test 6 in 1 50 pcs

Instant test for the 6 most important water values: pH value, Carbonate hardness, Total hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Chlo..

36.90 лв. 31.37 лв.

Dennerle Complete Gourmet Flakes

This fish food has been designed for the residents of classical society aquariums. The flakes consisting of 30 different ingredients are well received..

8.70 лв.
Dennerle Deponit Mix 9 in 1 -20%

Dennerle Deponit Mix 9 in 1

With years of experiments building on its extensive knowledge of the natural homes of the most popular aquarium plants, the aquarium plant nursery has..

30.10 лв. 24.08 лв.

Dennerle Neon Booster 100ml

Staple food for Neon tetras and other small ornamental fish such as tetras, barbs, danios or guppies. The fine granulate material consists of many hig..

13.60 лв.

Dennerle Betta Booster 30ml

This is basic food for gourami, fighting fish and betta, which consume more animal than plant-based substances in their natural environments. Of th..

9.70 лв.

Dennerle Pleco Menu

Basic food for catfish that eat algae and plants, especially plecos such as Ancistrus, Peckoltia, Glyptoperichthys, Baryancistrus and Hypancistrus. ..

13.60 лв.

Dennerle Complete Gourmet Menu

This food was designed to suit the occupants of classic community tanks. With 30 different ingredients, these fine granules are highly acceptable to f..

13.60 лв.

Dennerle Goldy Booster

For goldfish and related breeds such as veiltails, shubunkins, comets and lionheads. With 53% animal-based ingredients, such as freshwater shrimp, ..

13.60 лв.

Dennerle Color Booster

Based on the basic food, this has an added ingredient to boost colour vibrancy, called astaxanthin. With a granule size of 1 mm, this food is very ..

13.60 лв.
Dennerle Deponit Mix Black 10 in 1 Substrate -20%

Dennerle Deponit Mix Black 10 in 1 Substrate

Black long-term mineral substrate for all planted aquariums. Specially developed for combination with black gravel. Following the example of nature an..

37.70 лв. 30.16 лв.

Dennerle Natural gravel Plantahunter Beach 0.1-0.6mm 5kg

100% pure natural gravel Snow-white, super-fine, natural quartz sand Ideal for exciting colour contrasts and visual highlights Wash thoroughly b..

32.90 лв.