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Dennerle fertilizer system Carbo Bio Style 120
The fertilization system, Dennerle Bio CO2 Carbo Bio Style 120, supplies all freshwater aquariums up to 120 liters with vital CO2. The system is ready to go in just a few steps. CO2 production begins after 24 to 48 hours. The diffuser, Bio CO2, provides quick and effective dissolution of carbon dioxide in the aquarium water. The fertilizer system, Carbo Bio Style 120 CO2, is designed to be particularly sustainable: the stainless steel reaction tank can be refilled repeatedly and can be used for many years, the CO2 Constant gel consists of 100% renewable raw materials. Simple and convenient to use. After a few weeks of CO2 fertilization, the results become obvious: the growth of the plants improves significantly, they become greener, stronger and show more vitality.

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Dennerle fertilizer system Carbo Bio Style 120

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