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Out Of Stock Dennerle Osmose Professional 380 reverse osmosis system

Dennerle Osmose Professional 380 has the following features:
+ maximum power: 380 liters per day at 25 ° C and a pressure of 4.1 bar
+ power under normal operating conditions: 160–370 liters per day at 8-18 ° C and pressure 3-5 bar
+ modern TFC dry membrane made of polyamide / polysulfone
+ flushing valve for longer membrane life
+ retention rate: at least 95%
+ delivered ready for connection, incl. 3/4 "crane adapter
+ easy to use
With the help of osmosis, you can adjust the water values ​​to correspond to those with which tropical fish and plants are accustomed in their natural environment. Osmosis water allows even the most demanding creatures, such as discus and saltwater fish, to be kept in an aquarium. The systems work on the principle of reverse osmosis: tap water is pushed through a special membrane with ultrafine pores under the pressure of the tap. Only small water molecules pass through it, and larger constituents of harmful substances, hardness elements and salts are filtered. Even bacteria and viruses are removed.
Dennerle Osmose osmosis systems remove all substances that can harm or stimulate the growth of algae - nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and more. The final product is very soft water with a high level of purity. The fine filter removes even the smallest floating particles from the tap water, thus preventing the blocking of the osmotic membrane. The activated carbon filter protects against aggressive chloride. The precise flow restrictor automatically guarantees an optimal ratio of osmotic to residual water of 1: 4, thus ensuring a long service life of the membrane.


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Dennerle Osmose Professional 380 reverse osmosis system

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