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Out Of Stock Dennerle osmosis Compact 130 Replacement Membrane
The product is used for osmotic purification of water, as a result of which it becomes soft and high purity.
Maximum output:
- 130 l / day at 25 ° C and pressure 4 bar
Exit under normal operating conditions:
- 70-120 l / day at 10-15 ° C and pressure 3-6 bar
Degree of retention: at least 95%
The item is delivered ready for connection, incl. 3/4 "faucet adapter (" washing machine adapter ")
How to use:
- Connect the hose to the tap
- Slowly switch on the tap
- the white hose delivers soft osmotic water of high purity
- the hardened, impure residual water is drained from the blue Marchuk
It is recommended:
• Dennerle Osmose ReMineral + for fresh water
• Nano Marinus Reef Salt for salt water
The conditioning of tap water may be necessary for several reasons: either it is very hard, extremely soft, containing more contaminants.
If it is too soft, conditioning is easy: just add the right amount of one of the remineralizing preparations. If it is solid, you will need a reverse osmosis system or RO system.
How it works: the pressure of tap water presses the small water molecules through the micromembrane. Residual water retains all other substances that are dissolved and enhances hardness, contaminants and other molecules. RO water is either mixed with tap water to use the desired parameters or is optimized for use in the aquarium with remineralized salt.
Tip: you can use residual water for watering or fertilizing flowers.

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Dennerle osmosis Compact 130 Replacement Membrane

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