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-20% EHEIM Reeflex 1500 18W -UV- sterilizer
This product reduces microorganisms in water and eliminates turbidity more effectively. It is another innovation from EHEIM - thanks to the built-in reflector, the ability of the UV-C lamp to kill microorganisms increases significantly. With it, there is no loss of energy and the quality of sterilization increases up to 1.8 times. EHEIM reeflexUV should only be used in combination with a filter to reduce micro-organisms in the aquarium. The product is available in three models for aquariums from 700 to 1500 liters. Its advantages are: - Quickly and efficiently removes harmful bacteria and parasites already in the infectious stage - Clears water turbidity due to bacteria or algae - Thanks to the built-in reflector, it increases the efficiency of sterilization by the UV-C lamp - Excellent results with less energy consumption (1.8 times more efficient than most UV sterilizers) - Thanks to the special design, the water passes unhindered and the flow rate of the filter is not reduced - Suitable for breeding aquariums (reduces the risk of infections) - Beneficial bacteria are safe in the filter as reefexUV only kills bacteria that pass through it - Easy and safe to use and clean - AUTO-OFF : automatically turns off when the bulb is replaced - Easy to attach using the included brackets - For aquariums from 700 to 1500 liters
UV Lightening specifications
UV-C power (Watts): 18
Water flow: 2000

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EHEIM Reeflex 1500 18W -UV- sterilizer

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