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About Us

The website is owned by iShop LTD. The company is located in Pazardjik, str. Gavrail Krustevich 2 and is one of the biggest importers of aquaristic equipment.


We are official distributor of the fallowing brands: AquaMacro, AquaVitro, AquaEL, Aquili, Bubble Magus, Comfy, Croci, Dajana Pet, Dennerle, Eheim, Hailea, Hikari, Hydor, Jebao, SUNSUN, Nature's Ocean, Ocean Nutrition, Pet Inn, RS Electrical, Ruto, Schego, Seachem, Tropical, Zetlight and many others. We provide to owr customers only original products.


Aditional to the online stores we own 5 physical stores- 4 in Sofia and 1 in Pazardjik