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Exo Terra Monsoon Solo 2 fog device for terrariums

Exo Terra® Monsoon SOLO is a programmable fogging system that is suitable for all types of terrariums and greenhouses. It helps maintain optimal humidity by generating a fine mist at programmed intervals, the duration and frequency of which can be easily adjusted depending on the species of animal or plant. Frequent fogging promotes reproduction and is necessary in the cultivation of living tropical plants, such as bromeliads, orchids, mosses and others.

The system can be programmed for a 24-hour cycle, with a spray duration ranging from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. The 1.5-liter tank ensures continuous operation for several days without the need for refilling, making it ideal for breaks. It can be supplemented without having to uninstall the entire system.

Exo Terra® Monsoon Solo 2 is available with one nozzle, but can be expanded to accommodate up to two nozzles, making it ideal for up to two terrariums. Note - each additional nozzle will lead to lower performance.

- convenient for connection and installation
- Inclined tip: impermeable connection and easy to charge
- cycle timer

Flexible spray nozzles can be pointed in any direction. The product fits with the closing inlets for wires / pipes, which are included in all Exo Terra Terrariums.


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Exo Terra Monsoon Solo 2 fog device for terrariums

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