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Безплатна експресна доставка до адрес за всички поръчки над 30 лв.!


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Dajana Pet Legend Tropical Flakes

The product contains flour from insect larvae and herring, as well as astaxanthin. Its formula supports the immune and digestive systems and the color..


Dajana Pet Tropica Basic

Feeding: You may feed several times daily. Use only amounts that fish can completely consume in few minutes. Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat ..


Dajana Pet Betta pellets

The product is a complete food in the form of floating pellets, which is suitable for Betta Splendens species. Animal proteins make up nearly 60% of t..


Dajana Pet ISF Coldwater Flakes 100ml

The product is a complete food for all types of cold-water fish with a multibiotic effect. The new GAFF FORMULA has a unique composition, without fish..


Hikari Goldfish Staple baby pellet

Goldfish Staple A balanced daily diet for all types of goldfish, rich in plant matter and offering excellent growth characteristics! Extensive r..