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Безплатна експресна доставка до адрес за всички поръчки над 49 лв.!

Food for marines

Food for marines
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Frozen food Ruto Artemia 100 g / 24 blisters

Artemia is a type of brine shrimp is a rich source of protein and carotene. Extremely useful for the digestive system of fish. Their small size makes ..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Bloodworm 100 g / 24 blisters

Red mosquito larva is one of the main foods for aquarium fish. Rich in vitamins and proteins. Suitable for all types of fish. Weight: 100 g. Pac..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Discusfood 100 g blister

Пълноценна храна съдържаща говеждо сърце и спанак. Богата на протеини. Подобряване на цветовете на рибите. Високото съдържание на фибри осигурява здра..

3.80 лв.

Krill Pacifica 100 g / 24 blisters

Pacific Krill are small shrimp-like invertebrates that are caught in the colder parts of the Pacific Ocean. They are relatively large with excellent n..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Daphnia 100 g

The daphnia is suitable for daily food for any type of fish. The balanced protein to fat ration ensures good health and vibrant colors. Suitable fo..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Cyclops 100 g

Food suitable for all types of small and growing tropical aquarium and marine fish. Ensures all the vitamins and proteins needed for the fry to grow f..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Black mosquito larvaes 100g

Complete fishfood with vitamins and proteins. Appears to have positive influence on spawning. Suitable for all types of tropical fish. Weight: 1..

4.50 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Rotifer 100 gr

Rotifer (wheel animacules) is an ideal food for many species of smaller fish as it is a small size plankton. A natural source of fatty acids and good ..

3.80 лв.

Hikari Mini Algae Wafers

Hikari Mini Aglae Wafers are a premium food designed to bring the best nutrition to herbivorous fish, be they coldwater, tropical or marine. Ideal for..

4.90 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Cichlid Mix 100 g

Complete tropical cichlid mixture for daily meals. Contains protein-rich ingredients and vitamins for all types of cichlids. Weight ..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Tropical Quintet 100 g / 24 blisters

Complete tropical mix of 5 types of fish food. The package contains separate doses of 5 different types of fish food. This ensures a rich variety of t..

4.50 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Special Mix 100 g

Complete menu for wide range of fish. High on proteins and low on fat, this food will provide all neccesary for your fish. Boost the color of the fish..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Mysis 100 g

Mysis are small shrims rich on vitamins and proteins. It provides fatty and amino acids. Ensures rapid growth and strong colors. Suitable for all t..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Red Plankton 100g

Food high on proteins. Provides all the needed amino and fatty acids, required for healthy fish. Suitable for all types of marine fish. Weight: ..

4.50 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Gammarus 100 g

Gammarus are universal food for carnivours fish and reptiles. Rich on protein and fatty acids. Ensures good health and rapid grouth. Suitable for a..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Turtle food 100 g

Contains most essential ingredients to maximise their health and well being. Rich in vitamins and minarels,  low in fat. Suitable for turtles...

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Marine Mix 100 g

Balanced menu for daily feeding of all types marine fish. Extremely useful for the digestive system of fish. Suitable for both large and small fish. I..

3.80 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Vegetarian Diet 100 g

Completely vegetarian food. Rich in proteins and vitamins. Provides everything required for vibrant and healty fish and shrimps. Suitable for catfi..

3.50 лв.

Tropical Shrimp Sticks 100 ml / 55 g

SHRIMP STICKS are multi-ingredient, sinking sticks, intended for everyday feeding of freshwater and marine crustaceans, including very popular freshwa..

7.90 лв.

Frozen food Ruto Malawi Mix 100 g

Ballanced menu for malawi cichlids. Rich in proteins and aminoacids. Boost the color and vitality of the fish. Suitable for malawi cichlids. Wei..

4.50 лв.

Seachem NutriDiet Marine Plus Flakes 30g aquarium fish food

Enhanced with added shrimp, plankton and Chlorella Algae High in marine protein and a rich assortment of vitamins and minerals Enhanced with E..

9.78 лв.