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Gravel cleaners

Gravel cleaners
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Fluval Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner

With many convenient features to offer, Fluval Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner is a practical tool for cleaning and maintaining your aquarium. Its quick-sta..

14.00 лв.
EHEIM Quick Vacpro - automatic gravel cleaner -11%

EHEIM Quick Vacpro - automatic gravel cleaner

EHEIM Quick Vacpro - automatic gravel cleaner The battery powered gravel cleaner enables you to clean the gravel substrate in your aquarium wi..

145.00 лв. 129.00 лв.

AquaEL Gravel and Wall Cleaner

AquaEL Gravel and Wall Cleaner has an easy start system. Just immerse the column of the device into the tank and quickly move it up and down. All the ..

17.60 лв.

Aquarium cleaner MA Multi Vac Gravel Cleaner 3 in 1 with batteries

The product is a 3-in-1 aquarium cleaner. Requires 2 x 1.5 V batteries not included. The vacuum bag collects all contaminants when cleaning gravel or ..

39.90 лв.

Dennerle Nano Gravel cleaner

For small aquariums of up to 30 cm in height. With integrated pump for easy sludge extraction. Extremely suitable for planted aquariums with rich aqua..

46.60 лв.

Ferplast siphon - small

This Ferplast siphon model is extremely effective for cleaning the bottom of your aquarium. It has a convenient nozzle that allows you to reach even h..

22.80 лв.

Сифон за почистване дъното на аквариума Dennerle Gravel cleaner

Gravel cleaner for aquaria Slim suction pipe – ideal for planted aquaria Simple move up and down a few times and the water will flow For cleaning, ..

46.60 лв.

Siphon Marina Multi - gravel

Marina Multi-Gravel has adjustable and easy control of water flow. This makes this device suitable for aquariums of all sizes. It is equipped with a b..

27.00 лв.

JBL Proclean Aqua in-out

The product is used to clean the aquarium. It is easy to install - one end connects to the tap and the other to the bottom. The control tap releases a..

179.00 лв.

JBL Proclean Aqua in / out extend - siphon extension

The product is a siphon extension from the manufacturer JBL. It fits all 12/16 hoses. Package contents: 8 m. 12/16 hose, one connector, screw locks...

84.00 лв.
JBL Proclean Aqua EX Out Of Stock

JBL Proclean Aqua EX

It is a small but intelligent and very efficient siphoning device that responds to waste from small aquariums. How to use: keep one end under water, s..

28.50 лв.