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Iluminat Fluval AquaSky LED Lamp 38-61cm 12W
The Fluval Aquasky LED allows you to customize your aquatic universe by pairing bright white LEDs with tricolor ones (red, blue and green). This powerful combination offers light spectrum adjustment, which can reproduce several natural environments and create alternate visual effects, such as cloud cover, fading moon, storm and lightning. Basic functions:
- 6500K white LEDs with tricolor RGB, which offer light spectrum adjustment
- reproduction of various natural environments, creation of cloud cover, fading moons, stormy and lightning effects
- Skypad remote control: adjust colors and sky effects; Choose from 11 preset sky effects and a rich set of flowers
- light scattering of 120 degrees for full coverage and even lighting
- extensible mounting brackets allow easy installation on different widths of the aquarium
- maintenance: 50,000 hours
- for sweet and saltwater aquariums
Length (cm) 130
Power (W) 30

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Iluminat Fluval AquaSky LED Lamp 38-61cm 12W

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