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JBL Proflora Taifun CO2 Spiral 10
The product provides loss-free enrichment of the main plant nutrient (carbon dioxide) and is a CO2 reactor for freshwater aquariums from 40 to 400 liters with a height of 20 cm.
It's easy to install: use a rated CO2 brand to connect the reactor to the CO2 system (not included). Use the suction cups to place it in the aquarium. Ensures efficient CO2 diffusion, works without an additional pump, no separate bubble counter required, easy to clean, fully disassembled, suitable for all common CO2 systems.
Package Contents: 10 Module High Diffusion CO2 Reactor + Brand Link Bottom Module + Top Manifold Cap Module, 4 Suction Cup Clamps, 2 Meters Special CO2 Brand, Height 19cm.
The correct concentration of CO2 in the water is extremely important for aquarium plants. Carbon dioxide is the most important nutrient for them and fully supports their growth. Flora uses CO2 for photosynthesis and this supplies the water with the necessary oxygen. They prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, secure hiding places and reduce germs.
Effective enrichment of water with CO2: it enters the lowest module through the CO2 supply hose in the middle of the reactor. It is in the form of bubbles (visible and countable) that rise up in a circle, dissolving in the water. In this way, the system supplies the aquarium plants with their main nutrient element.
The bubbles release CO2 into the aquarium water, but at the same time absorb other gases from it. Due to this, the CO2 content in the bubble decreases, the oxygen and nitrogen content increases.
If the desired CO2 presence is not achieved even though the number of bubbles is increased, the reactor can be expanded by adding additional modules. This progresses on the way to CO2 bubbles and more of this gas can be added. The only limitation is the height of the aquarium.

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JBL Proflora Taifun CO2 Spiral 10

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