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Out Of Stock JBL Proflora CO2 SET m2003
Plants provide vital oxygen to the aquarium, prevent algae growth, remove contaminants, form hiding places and reduce pathogens.
The product with CO2 fertilizer system pH control device for automatic feeding with fast and slow growth of plants in freshwater aquariums up to 1000 liters. It is easy to use and efficient: a 2 kg rechargeable cylinder. Easy installation, no separate water pump convertible into a disposable system is required. Its main features are:
- accurate dosing with pressure reducer
- evenly based
- efficient distribution due to diffuser expansion
- bubble counter with non-return valve
- display of the residual pressure of the manometer
- TÜV tested storage linder with high pressure. The stand protects the cylinder from falling. The screw connection of the hose prevents it from slipping, the non-return valve protects against the ingress of water into the cylinder.
Package contents: 2 kg CO2 cylinder, pressure reducer, pH controller (pH sensor not included), diffuser, bubble counter, hose, return flow brake, liquid fertilizer, daily fertilizer.
How to use: screw the pressure reducer to the CO2 storage cylinder. After connecting it to the brand to the pH controller and from there through the bubble counter / non-return valve to the diffuser in the aquarium. CO2 enters the aquarium and dissolves in the water from the diffuser. The capacity of a CO2 system depends on various factors. The decisive factors are the carbonate hardness, the amount and type of plants and the strength of the movement on the water surface. A 500 gram cylinder in the default setting lasts about four months.

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JBL Proflora CO2 SET m2003

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