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Lighting Aquael LEDDY SLIM 36W Marine
The product is an LED lamp for aquariums with a size of 100-120 cm. The precise structure of the spectrum provides it with perfect light. It is designed for saltwater aquascapes and provides optimal conditions for corals and highlights the natural colors of other inhabitants.
The device has a flat, modern shape and universal black color. An advantage is also the extendable clamps, which guarantee convenient installation of aquariums of different lengths, including those of non-standard sizes.
Built-in additional LEDs support the auto-regeneration system. They do not light up all the time, but only turn on when one of the main diodes fails.
Characteristics of LEDDY SLIM lamps:
- innovative, double LED lamps
- modern appearance thanks to the flat and streamlined design
- they are made of durable materials - high-quality plastic and glass
- are resistant to accidental spillage
- energy-saving - lamps use half as much energy as traditional fluorescent lamps
- they are long-lasting thanks to the LEDs - up to 15,000 hours of continuous operation
- they are also suitable for aquariums with non-standard sizes
- promote coral growth
- have a Day and Night function
LEDDY SLIM lighting emits light in three variable modes:
- in daytime mode: the light is the main and strongest, it is mainly used to illuminate the aquarium during the day.
- dawn mode: the lighting power is reduced to 50 percent. It can be the first regime after the night and when feeding fish.
- night mode: blue glow that allows you to observe fish after dark. It is ideal for all pets that eat at night. In addition, the blue light highlights the natural colors of the fish and plants, making the aesthetic experience even more pleasant.
Length (cm) 120
Power (W) 36

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Lighting Aquael LEDDY SLIM 36W Marine

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