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Other accessories for CO2 systems

Other accessories for CO2 systems
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Aquili CO2 Spare membrane

The item is a spare membrane for CO2 from the manufacturer Aquili...

6.90 лв.

Dennerle Carbo Soda Adapter

The product is a reusable adapter for Dennerle Carbo Soda...

68.00 лв.

Faucet for CO2 system

The item is a faucet for CO2 system from the manufacturer Macro Aqua...

9.20 лв.

JBL ProFlora CO2 Taifun Tube

The product is a special CO2-resistant hose for all standard CO2 systems, and can be black or transparent / white. It serves for the safe and lossless..

15.40 лв.

Dennerle CO2 bubble counter Exact

3 fastening options.  Reflector bracket for user-friendly reading. Complete set, comprising: Mounting bracket Longlife suction clip..

48.50 лв.

JBL Proflora Taifun CO2 Spiral 10

The product provides loss-free enrichment of the main plant nutrient (carbon dioxide) and is a CO2 reactor for freshwater aquariums from 40 to 400 lit..

69.90 лв.
Air tube JBL Proflora Taifun CO2 3m Out Of Stock

Air tube JBL Proflora Taifun CO2 3m

Not every material is suitable for conducting CO2, as many plastics are used for air, but are not permeable to this gas. This is because CO2 has a dif..

13.50 лв.