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Безплатна експресна доставка до адрес за всички поръчки над 49 лв.!

Pond treatment

Pond treatment
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TROPICAL BACTOSAN POND is intended for eliminating the cloudiness in pond water caused for example by poor filtration or overfeeding of fish. Cloudine..

16.80 лв.

Tropical Algin Pond

ALGIN POND a preparation for fighting green algae. Pond preparation for limiting the growth of green algae, which in favourable conditions may turn in..

16.80 лв.

Tropical CMF Pond- pond preparation

CMF POND pond preparation with a wide range of applications, which help fish fight dangerous pathogens such as bacteria, and fungi. It proves useful i..

16.80 лв.

EHEIM pond phospateOUT

Advantages of EHEIM phosphate chemical phosphate binder based on calcium chloride removes phosphate from the lake as a food source for algae (..

52.90 лв.


Πλεονεκτήματα του EHEIM oxyPOND χημι&kapp..

49.40 лв.

Tropical Bactinin Pond 500 ml.

BACTININ POND live cultures of bacteria. Preparation with bacteria for garden ponds. It speeds up maturing of the garden pond and removes organic wast..

35.00 лв.

Pond Preparation Tropical Blue Guard Pond

Tropical Blue Guard Pond is a product that is designed to limit the growth of lake algae. It facilitates the creation and maintenance of ponds, is a s..

23.90 лв.

Preparation for lakes Tropical Ichtio Pond

Ichtio Pond is a preparation for lakes, which ensures safe and proper development of fish. It is a source of micronutrients that can function well on ..

16.80 лв.
EHEIM pondACTIVE Water conditioner Out Of Stock

EHEIM pondACTIVE Water conditioner

Water conditioner - optimises and stabilises tap water and rainwater in garden ponds EHEIM pondACTIVE immediately transforms tap and rainwater into b..

38.90 лв.
EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART Filter starter Out Of Stock

EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART Filter starter

Filter starter for pond filter systems - live bacteria for a quick filter start EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART ensures clear, healthy pond water. When s..

28.30 лв.