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Out Of Stock Rain Forest Substrate

This product is a 100% natural, biodegradable blend made from resistant sea pine and sphagnum moss. The Rain Forest substrate is ideal for creating natural planted terrariums for moisture-loving reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It regulates humidity naturally, absorbing and slowly releasing moisture. Its hygroscopic properties are maximized by adding natural sphagnum moss to the mixture. Adequate humidity levels help prevent respiratory infections. The unique size and shape of the bark particles, in combination with the natural moss, allow frequent watering of your plants, providing good aeration for healthy root growth. Exo Terra Rain Forest is heat treated to reduce bacterial contamination. Available in two packages: 4.4 and 8.8 liters.

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Rain Forest Substrate

  • Producător: Exo Terra
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  • Disponibilitate: Out Of Stock
  • 11.90 лв.

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