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Specialized plant substrate

Specialized plant substrate
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AquaEL Aqua Grunt 1.25kg

AquaEL Aqua Grunt 3L is a specialized mineral substrate dedicated for plant aquariums.  It is lightweight, porous granules for use as ..

13.90 лв.

Dennerle Deponit Mix Black 10 in 1 Substrate

Black long-term mineral substrate for all planted aquariums. Specially developed for combination with black gravel. Following the example of nature an..

32.90 лв.

Dennerle Deponit Mix 9 in 1

With years of experiments building on its extensive knowledge of the natural homes of the most popular aquarium plants, the aquarium plant nursery has..

30.10 лв.

Dennerle SK Shrimp Soil 1-4mm 4l / 8l

The irregular shaped grains, with a diameter of 1-4 mm also give a natural appearance The dark black colouring provides excellent contrast with the ..

40.70 лв.

Грунд за дъно Dennerle gravel natural white 1-2мм 10кг

This product presents crystalline quartz gravel from the manufacturer Dennerle, which provides perfect biological functionality and is very attractive..

38.80 лв.

Dennerle gravel dark brown 1-2mm 10kg

Rounded grains protect bottom-dwelling fish Hardener-free CO2-proof Light-resistant Water-neutral Grain size 1-2 mm Rounded edges prot..

53.30 лв.