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Substrate Exo Terra Snake Bedding
Exo Terra Snake Bedding is a biodegradable substrate for reptiles, which is made of durable untreated wood. It is dust-free and extremely soft, making it ideal for even the most sensitive species and newly hatched pups. The high degree of absorption (3: 1), combined with its quick-drying properties, make this a 100% natural bed with very low maintenance.
Directions for use: make sure the terrarium or breeding tub is disinfected and dry. Spread an even layer (minimum 2.5 cm) on the bottom. Clean the mats daily and change them with new ones every 8 weeks or as needed. Note: it is recommended that reptiles be removed from the litter during feeding. Available in two packages: 8.8 and 26.4 liters.

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Substrate Exo Terra Snake Bedding

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