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Substrates for terrariums

Substrates for terrariums
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Rain Forest Substrate

This product is a 100% natural, biodegradable blend made from resistant sea pine and sphagnum moss. The Rain Forest substrate is ideal for creating na..


Equatorial forest floor 2in1 Exo Terra

The product allows you to recreate the forest cover as it is in the equatorial forests. The top layer consists mainly of fresh leaf waste, which mimic..


Substrate Exo Terra Coconut Fiber

Exo Terra soil is made from pressed coconut bark fiber from plantations in tropical Asia. This ecological substrate is ideal for increasing the humidi..


Tropical forest bottom 2in1 Exo Terra

The product allows you to recreate the forest cover, such as is found in natural tropical forests. The top layer consists of fresh leaf litter. With i..


Exo Terra Stone Desert Bahariya Black

Made entirely of harmless substances EXO TERRA STONE DESERT is the best choice for your pet, resembling its natural habitat as much as possible. Witho..


Exo Terra Desert Terrarium Sand

Exo Terra's Desert Terrarium Sand is natural real desert sand with no added dyes or chemicals. The sand has been sifted to remove impurities and t..