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Water care and tests

Water care and tests
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Dajana Pet Algae Stop

This preparation helps to reduce the population of filamentous algae. It is recommended to treat aquariums with excessive or insufficient lighting, as..


Aquili Amazon Water 125ml

Natural peat extract with acidic pH. Create the typical rainforest environment in the aquarium. Amazon Water, which makes the water amber (with ..


Aquili Multivitamin & Amino acids

Vitamins  and amino acids are essential to the life of fish, plants and sea  invertebrates. Vitamins contained in water and food are often&n..


Aquili Water Conditioner

The water conditioner works immediately, turning the tap water into water suitable for the life of fish. • permanently binds heavy metals &bull..


Tropical Shrimp Guard 30ml

This preparation serves to improve the water, which is intended for the treatment of shrimp and other freshwater crustaceans. Recommended for new aqua..


Aquili Light Water

Makes aquarium water clear and bright as it binds the particles in suspension. Combining them and making them fall allow to the filter to remove them...


Aquili Discus Vitamins & AminoAcids

Vitamins and amino acids are essential to the life of fish and plants. Vitamins contained in water and food are often insufficient and the living orga..