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ZetLight ZP3600 White 90 cm

The ZP3600 Pro LED Reef Lighs lighting system can provide 5 time period settings for hobbyists from dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset, nightime, to lights out.

Suitable for tanks 60 to 120cm long and between 48 and 88cm wide

In each period hobbyists can adjust brightness independantly and combine different wavelengths to their favorite spectrum. The ZP3600 is especially designed to provide the sufficent light energy in the wavelength range of 450-485 nm and the essential violet light 410-420nm which will be the most benefit to let corals grow and florish.

The LED's

White Bridgelux LED: 2pcs x 35W 12000K

Royal Cree Blue LED: 20pcs x 2.5W 450-465NM

Blue Bridgelux LED: 4pcs x 2.5W 450-465NM

Violet EpliLEds LED: 6pcs x 3W 410-420NM

Green Epistar LED: 3pcs x 3W

Red Osram LED: 3pcs x 3W

Orange OsramLED: 3pcs x 3W

Lumens: 7500LM

Product features:

- Local area network by one master

- Control by master

- More than 1180000 Lightubg effects.

- Adjustable holder lamp & Adjustable hang lamp

Function (Remote Control):

1. Timer Setting - dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset, nighttime

2. level adjust for LED.

3. Simulate clouds moving

4. Simulate lighting

5. Demo for one day effect

6. C/F Temperture show

7. 12/24 hour clock

8. 32level adjust for LED( white, blue, RGB, Violet)

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ZetLight ZP3600 White 90 cm

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