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Out Of Stock ZetLight ZT6600 Apex ready

Total Power: 200W , Lumens: 9600LM

LED // Quantity // Color temperature/wavelength

White // 2 Groups // 12000K

Royal Blue // 20 // 450-465nm

Red // 3 // 620-630nm

Green // 3 // 520-535nm

Orange // 2 // 610-620nm

Violet // 6 // 410-420nm

Blue // 4 // 465-485nm

Max tank size: 47.3in x 27.5in x 39.3in

Item Size: 27.2in x 10.2in x 1.6in

The Zetlight ZT-6600A LED lighting fixture is a slim, sleek, and innovative new light that can be fully controlled by a Neptune Apex controller. With the use of Neptune Fusion programming a light can not be any easier. If you do not have an Apex controller its onboard interface and remote control programming is very easy and their are over 1 million different lighting configurations that you could make. With its top of the line Bridgelux and Cree LED's strategically placed throughout the fixture, and the twin 40w big power dense LED groups helps simulate the high powered sunlight. Zetlight has taken multiple proven LED technologies and mixed them into one superior fixture.

Zetlight ZT-6600A LED lighting system can provide hobbyists with 5 time period settings i.e. dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset, nighttime, and light off time. In each period, hobbyists can adjust the brightness independently and combine different wavelengths to their favorable spectrum. To simulate sunrise and sunset in a pristine environment, arrange and red LEDs have especially joined in our design of light effects

Max Tank Size: 120 CM (47.3 INCH)

Power: 200 Watts, Lumens: 9600 LM

Ultrathin outline

Energy saving

Superb Bridgelux LED

Smart fan, precise temperature sensing and regulation

Fully auto shift of spectrum configuration

Full light spectrum of nature ecosystem

Simulate dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset and nighttime, 1 million configurations of lighting mode

First invention of guiding moonlight in the world, gently simulate diffusing reflection of moonlight, more close to nature

Provide all kinds of light spectrum demanded by creature

Length (cm) 120
Total Power (W) 200

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ZetLight ZT6600 Apex ready

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