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Out Of Stock Hydor SELTZ D 2000 DC 24V PUMP

Hydor Seltz D DC Controllable Universal flow water pump. Whether you are a marine hobbyist or a passionate freshwater aquarist, know that Hydor’s Seltz D DC Controllable pumps are the perfect fit for your aquarium needs. The pumps feature innovative 6 pole electronic motor for energy savings. The pumps are controllable through the enclosed electronic controller to increase or decrease the flow at 6 preset points and has a feeding mode to pause the flow of the pump for feeding or maintenance inside the aquarium. The pumps can be used in-line or submerged, they are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of water moving through the pump so it will shut off the pump to prevent damage if no water is sensed. This space-saving DC Universal water pump features gallon ranges from 500 to 1000 and will pump head heights of 12.5 feet, depending upon the premium model you choose from Hydor. Use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums, bringing the best of aquarium technology to your home or office. It’s simple to use.

Seltz D DC is a multipurpose electronic universal pump, designed for energy savings.

Water flow is adjusted by on the included electronic controller.

The Hydor Seltz D DC pumps are ideal for sumps, refugiums, biological filters and in general circulation of freshwater or saltwater aquariums to benefit the ecosystem health.

Seltz D DC are equipped with pre-filter and barbed pipe fitting for various sized hoses.

The Seltz D DC is perfectly suited for all applications that require submerged or in-line installation of the pump.

Seltz D DC pumps are suitable for saltwater and fresh water use. The pumps can be used in-line or submerged, they are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of water moving through the pump so it will shut off to prevent damage.

Extremely quiet operation and wear-resistant ceramic shaft. For use as return pumps, circulation pumps, fountain and pond applications.

Complete DC controllable pump in one box: The Seltz D DC Controllable pumps include everything you need for using the pump inline or submerged including the pump controller, barbed hose adapters and a prefilter screen.

Versatile: The Seltz D DC Universal water pumps can be used in freshwater, marine, reptile and amphibian aquariums and enclosures. It can be plumbed to be used as a water pump to circulate water, to use with a reactor, to upgrade the pump on your all in one aquariums (AIO) and to create waterfalls.

Simple to use: Select the flow that is right for your situation on the enclosed controller to increase or decrease the flow over the 6 preset flow points. Need to pause the flow for 5 minutes? Just press the pause button on the controller and the water will stop for 5 minutes, press the pause button again to restart or just wait and it will restart itself after the 5 minutes has expired.

Pump safety: The controller has memory! In a power interruption the controller will start right back up at the level it left off at so you do not under or over flow anything. Also has a low water sensor and will shut down to prevent damage if no water is sensed going through the pump.

Installation The Hydor Seltz D DC universal electronic pump includes tube holder connectors and a prefilter that can be used based on installation requirements. We recommend positioning the pump away from the tank walls when using the sump, to prevent resonance and vibrations. Once the pump is positioned it can be connected to the electronic controls using the specific connectors. The pump controller needs to be positioned in a dry place, away from moisture and hazardous water spray. Do not connect the pump and the controller to the transformer and to the mains electricity network until you have scrupulously followed all the indications. Adjustment The pump is equipped with an electronic flow regulation system. To adjust the water flow to your needs use the + and - keys. The blue LEDs go on to indicate the flow quantity, from minimum to maximum.

Manufacturer: Hydor

Made in: Italia

Importer: iShop

Warranty: 2 years


Hydor Seltz D 2000 DC 24V



Dimensions mm

120 x 67 x 95 mm

Max flow

2000 l/h

Max head




Cable length


Water pump specifications
Power (Watts) 23
Water flow 2000
H max: 240

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Hydor SELTZ D 2000 DC 24V PUMP

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