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Out Of Stock Dennerle Nano Crusta Fit

Dennerle Nano Crusta-Fit - for health, vitality and rich colors

All creatures and plants living in the aquarium require many minerals, vitamins and other vital substances for good health and balanced plants. This applies not only to fish, but also to crustaceans and other invertebrates. Symptoms of deficiency can lead to a lack of various elements recognized for this is: slow plant of aquarium inhabitants, discoloration, predisposition to disease. All this leads to reduced life expectancy. Lack of identification of vital substances in shrimp and opportunities can lead to significant problems with lineage.

Mini aquariums are particularly dependent on a regular supply of vital substances. In the small volume of water very quickly a deficiency of important elements occurs.

Dennerle Nano Crusta-Fit is a unique concentrate of many vital substances that keep invertebrates in excellent health. It is delivered to all shrimp, crabs, etc. vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances. The Nano Crusta-Fit care complex has been specially developed by Dennerle to ensure effective care and complete protection:

• Dexpanthenol and other active substances protect the skin, which is especially sensitive during the phase of linear and aids for the treatment of minor injuries

• Bioactive calcium provides a seamlessly linear and strong new shell

• A well-balanced multivitamin complex and special immunostimulants stimulate the resistance of crustaceans to infections

In this way, Nano Crusta-Fit creates ideal conditions for a long, healthy life and bright flowers. It is also extremely suitable for maintaining a measure over time and beyond, to counteract stress or as a means of helping new visitors to air-condition.

Dosage and method of use

5 drops per 10 liters of aquarium water once a week

Professional advice from Dennerle

• To reduce the average waste and inhibitors, Dennerle recommends

replacement of 25-50% of the water in mini aquariums on a weekly basis. For safety reasons, always treat tap water with Dennerle Clear Water Elixier balm, such as shrimp, crab and more. Invertebrates are highly sensitive to valuable substances contained in tap water, such as copper and chlorine.

• For large, saturated green aquarium plants, we recommend Dennerle S7 VitaMix fertilizer.

• Do not forbid fertilizing with CO2 for a perfect plant. The Dennerle Carbo Booster Max crystal line offers high-quality glass components that combine aesthetics and functionality.

Package size: 15 ml / 600 l of water

Manufacturer: DENNERLE

Made in: Germany

Importer: iShop

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Dennerle Nano Crusta Fit

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